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... not much more to add :P

Copy&Paste soundhacker "this is great"

Haha :D

Don't be so harsh ;)

Yes, you can watch about 800 million of similiar movies/crap on youtube and yes, this video isn't especially interesting nor special and yes, the music is annoying and that electrified/epileptic boy actually isn't fun at all...
But hey! He made it to the frontpage and there seem to be some newgrounders liking that stuff.
So counting in effort and the first-shot bonus 'tis a 4/10 ;)

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Nothing too special, but the idea is nice ;)

(Und ich lass' mir von einem Flash doch nich' sagen, dass ich ins Bett gehen soll :P )

I think it's nice :)

But my frelling colorblindness...! Grr... ;)

I liked the multiple upgrades combined with firing orders... And the possibility of changing a tower's color to enhance damage against those blobs really gave it something interesting.
But the bad graphics & sound and the confusing menus put it down again.

Not bad, not bad...

I thought "Uhhh... Great another one of those eat-fish-grow-big things. Booooring!" But actually the graphic is quite good. Along with the controls which give you this fishy-feeling this game isn't that bad. But it is still a eat-fish-grow-big game.

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Yay! :D

Oookay... The main theme is just made out of 20 notes. But you managed to remix the theme so nice that it never gets repetitive or dull. That's just awesome ;)
DL, 5/5 & 10/10

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DJPureSuffer responds:

Thanks man! i thought that this song deserved a remix cuz it was a big part of my childhood. glad that you liked it!

This would have been soooooo cool...

... if the quality were better :(

Nice track, nice idea and wonderful guitars... But the quality puts the music in a tin can and lets the whole thing sound like a sing-along in front of a tv :(

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CrimsonTonality responds:

Thanks. I appreciate it. I do agree that the quality is poor, but it's like the sixth time I went back to re edit the entire thing, it's the best I can do with Audacity. I'm just expressing myself for free. lol


A little too much bass for my taste - you can't hear that faint music in the background, but overall... hey! It's Castlevania!


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